Top Ways on How to Increase Penis Size

Men have been on the lookout for various ways on how to improve their sexual performance for a lifetime. Fortunately, health scientists have developed a handful of methods for penis enlargement. Some of these methods may be astonishingly innovative.
Discussed below are four ways on how to increase your penis size.

Male Enhancement Pills

Natural herbs have long been proven to be a stand-out in improving one’s sexual performance. However, this proof seemed to have already taken a backseat from other methods because of medical developments. Also, they do not increase actual penis size; they merely boost performance.
Taking male enhancement pills is easy! It only takes a few seconds of intake per day and is more convenient than doing penis exercises. However, take note that these pills don’t generate results from surgery or pumps in an instant. They are safer to use and don’t cause long-term risks.

Penis Vacuums and Pumps

my-sizegenetics-resultsEven just a few minutes of pumping can result to increasing penis size. The secret lies on the “sucking” part which sends excess blood to the penis for stronger erection. Vacuums and Pumps are prescribed for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Both artificial methods not only helps regulate normal blood flow along the penis; it also increases the width which is a huge factor in good sexual performance.

Penis Exercises

This method has been handed down from each generation to another. Nonetheless, penis exercises often appear as simple exercises that men can try anytime of the day. When used with enhancement pills, they can exercises are one of the fastest ways to increase penis size. You don’t need any special equipment for this method.


Also known as Penis Enlargement Surgery, Phalloplasty is done by attaching the suspensory ligament to the pubic bone. As a result, the penis gets a slight increase in length but becomes thicker by suctioning fats along its fleshy parts.

Phalloplasty is one of the most groundbreaking methods in the history of male enhancement. In the US, the surgery normally costs $10,000 – $20,000, depending on the doctor.

Rules in Increasing Penis Size

Women aren’t the only ones suffering from adverse image change within their vagina. Men also worry about the girth and size of their penis. That said, not all men have large penis naturally. Lifestyle changes affect the penis’ girth and size.

Here are three rules of increasing penis size to live by:

1. Stop smoking – The particles from cigarette blocks the arteries. If it worsens, this will cause poor functioning of the organs particularly the heart and penis.
2. Get rid of high calories – Food with loads of calories and fats results to the appearance of a smaller penis. The same applies to lack of physical activity or exercises. So give up your potato chips, burger and pizza and eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead.
3. Lose belly fat – Having a large belly (which is a common health problem among men) reduces penis appearance. Even if a man has bigger penis, it will still look small because of a large belly. The trick here is to do ab workouts. Also, don’t drink lots of beer!