Reasons Why You Should Avoid Penis Enlargement Surgery

More and more men are in search of a way to enhance their manhood – and with good reason. It is a confidence booster, and can positively impact sexual performance and relationships. A man’s concern about his penis includes either an increase in length or in girth. As the demand increases, so do the research and studies done regarding this matter.

With penis enlargement surgery made more accessible, a lot of people are contemplating going under the knife. But before you schedule that surgery, know that undergoing a penis enlargement surgery may not be the best way to go. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid getting penis enlargement surgery.

Uncertain Results

It is proven that the penis will be improved through surgery. However, what happens after the surgery can hinder the results desired.

After the surgery, a condition called scrotalisation may occur. This happens when the penis appears to be arising from the scrotum – not from the abdominal wall. Additionally, the penis may gain scars from the surgery.

For operations involving the increase of girth, fat injection can be used. This process is prone to one unfortunate event though – fat reabsorption. When this happens, the penis may lose the girth attained from surgery. In worse cases, nodule formation occurs. This happens when the fat injected is not dissolved uniformly within the penis. This gives the penis a lumpy look.

Recovery Period

Sure, getting a penile surgery may give you fast results. But, as with any kind of surgery, you will still need a period of recovery when you undergo penis enlargement surgery. This may mean various disadvantages that will hinder your everyday life such as soreness. You may be forbidden to use your penis in strenuous activity – including sex, of course.

Health Complications

As a surgical treatment, penis enlargement surgery can bring health complications when gone wrong. There are instances wherein the patient suffered from excessive bleeding. Such cases can even lead to death.

Of course, undergoing surgery may be quite painful for some people. Even though there is an option for using anesthesia, the patient will still feel some pain during the surgery.
Economical Reasons

Getting a penis enlargement surgery is highly expensive. Its cost is enough to give you second thoughts about undergoing surgery in the first place.

With this, its cost effectiveness is highly questionable. Why should you consider an option that would cost you a fortune if you can get the same results at half the price? Luckily, there are other alternatives that help in increasing penis size without wasting a lot of money.

Other Alternatives Available

There are non-surgical treatments that will help you to attain your penis goals. You can opt for safer and cheaper penis enlargement devices that are highly available. There are a wide array of options to choose from – pills, pumps, and extenders. All of these alternatives are clinically proven to improve the penis.

Additionally, there are also natural ways of enhancing penis size. Obese or heavier men, for example, seem to have smaller penises because of the fat developed in the pubic area. Thus, losing weight will improve the appearance of the penis.