Penis tractions methods – do they work?

It’s common for men to think that their penis is too small, or isn’t capable of satisfying their partners during their intimate moments. That’s why they end up going for devices that enhance their manhood such as penile traction devices.

What are Penis Traction Devices?

Penile traction devices stretch the penis, enabling it to gain additional length and girth. These devices include those plastic rings that fit around the penis’ base, and are fastened around two mobile metal rods; these metal rods apply tension by placing pressure on a plastic support resting against the body.

Penis traction devices use gentle and consistent traction that stretches the penis’ tissues. This stretch/tension triggers their body’s natural response to produce more tissue.

The Need for Penis Traction Devices

Men have used these penis traction devices to lengthen their penis and/or to gain more penis girth. Recently, men with Peyronie’s Disease have learned to use these devices by treating their penis curvature. And so, manufacturers of these devices have adjusted their products to match these men’s needs — the traction’s direction will be controlled by giving more force.

How Penis Traction Devices Work

These devices tend to give traction in a gradual, controlled, and progressive manner to stimulate the growth of certain parts of the penis such as corpus cavernosum, suspensory ligament, and the rest of its tissue.

Providing traction creates new tissues and produces new skin, as well as hair to cover those bald areas. Since the penis is entirely made up of these tissues, then it’ll be easier for it to react and respond whenever traction takes place.

There’s no specific length expected for growth; the minimum is around 1.5 cm, but the maximum can be as much as 4 cm. The average growth is said to be 3 cm, and it’s said to be proportional; it’s noticeable not only when it is erect but also when it is flaccid. There is an obvious difference in length, girth and curvature.

Are Results Reliable and Permanent?

Because the tissues have grown, the results are permanent. There are no reported side effects as long as you follow stated instructions. Erection won’t be affected and won’t cause impotence. Men will even have higher self-esteem because of a bigger penis.

This is said to work regardless of the penis’ size; men can use this whether theirs is small – minimum length has to be 8 cm when erect – or those that are medium or large.

What to Remember about these Devices

The more you use these devices, the more you can expect good results. However, it might affect your life especially if you’re doing physical work.

Men might need to exercise caution in using this device, and would have to remember that ideally, they have to be 18 years old and above to use these devices. Older men can also use these devices as traction can trigger growth at any age.

Bottom Line

Some men think that having a longer and bigger penis makes them attractive. Some wish to satisfy their partner more. Some aren’t just happy with what they have. Regardless, men have their own reasons for using penis traction devices; if this is what makes them happy, then go for it.