Penis extension methods

For a lot, if not most, of men, the size of the penis can have a significant effect to his self-esteem. The good news is, there are a number of penis extension methods available nowadays. But then again, careful consideration must be done before trying even one because each has its own effects. Consulting a doctor should be top priority before trying any of the penis extension methods that will be discussed below.

To give you an idea, here are some of the extension methods used today.

Traction extenders

Penis extenders that utilize traction in order to promote tissue growth are one of the best penis extension methods today. Not only is the method safe, given proper usage; the results are also positive. There are also devices that have been developed that are pretty comfortable to wear. I strongly suggest SizeGenetics which I have personally use to gain fantastic results. Click to learn more.


Clamping increases the girth of the penis through the use of a constricting device. The latter can be a shoestring, cock ring, or a cable clamp. The chosen gadget will then be firmly clamped to the base of the erect penis. But one must be careful since doing it too tight may cause engorgement of the organ and removal may become difficult, if not dangerous. Hence, this activity is usually done by advanced penis developers. As for the cock rings, they can either be solid metal or made of flexible material. It is also important to note that there is a difference between cock rings used for men with erectile dysfunction and those who do not suffer from it.


This penis enlargement method is done by exercising the tissue in the penis. The goal is to increase the maximum erect size of the organ. This method also goes by other names such as “milking” or “jikok”. The performance of this method is similar to masturbation. The main difference is that in jelqing, the goal is to exercise the organ and not cause an ejaculation.

Penis hanging

Penis hanging is probably the oldest method of penis extension that is self-applied. However, it is also quite risky. Thus, it should be done only by the advanced penis enlargers. It is conducted by hanging a device or weight like a rope or strap which will grip the glans or just behind it. Then just let the weight hang or suspend for a certain amount of time. Meanwhile, the organ is to be exercised by raising the weight repeatedly in order to elongate the penis as well as boost strength and stamina. Penis weights and hangers used for this method have the same rule as with penis extenders and stretchers.

Penis pills

This is one of the more popular penis extension methods to date. The pills improve the circulation of blood directly to the organ. They increase the girth and length of the cells in the penis so that they can hold more blood. This then results in a size increase for the organ. However, some studies show that penis enlargement pills should be used along with enlargement exercises to get optimal results.

Penis creams, ointments, lotions, potions, and sprays

These reinforce an erection through coordination of blood stream to the penis in order to achieve harder and more erections. Traditional massage oils and potions for this purpose have active ingredients that are known for their medicinal value in this field.

Penis pump

Last but not least, the vacuum devices; among the most popular of which is the penis pump. This consists of a cylinder made of plastic or acrylic. The penis is put in it. Then there is a pump that can be manually operated or battery fuelled. Finally, a customizable band is placed at the base of the penis.