Does SizeGenetics really work – is it legit?

In short – Yes, SizeGenetics really work. Click here to check out my own personal review to see my take on SizeGenetics pensi extender.

sizegenetics_does_it_work_1Men who value sexual intimacy in their relationships and are on a lookout for a lasting solution to a common problem should take a closer look at SizeGenetics, a penis extending device that claims to deliver results that are permanent.

The challenges that couples face today include getting satisfaction in their intimate moments. For men whose penis has stopped growing in their teenage years, it would be extremely difficult to give gratification to their partners who are looking for deeper penetration, which they can’t provide.

Studies have shown that men who can’t satisfy their partners are much more prone to depression and low self-esteem. They tend to lose their sex drive and confidence when faced with this physiological problem. While the market offers penis pumps and pills that promise results in a short period of time, SizeGenetics offer a gradual but effective approach that really works.

How SizeGenetics Provide Lasting Results

As a penis extending device, the SizeGenetics method mimics the way muscles are enhanced and developed. For example, if an increase in bicep size is a goal, then lifting weights and focus-exercising are methods employed to gradually break down and modify the tissue, thus making it bigger.

While the penis isn’t a muscle, numerous tests conducted by the manufacturers show that the SizeGenetics contraption works the same way by using traction.

For hundreds of years, traction has been a preferred mode to hasten new growth in the cells. In medicine, it refers to a tried and tested technique of applying a gentle and gradual pull to a body part.

When used for penis enlargement, it works by stimulating growth spurs inside the penis. Growth cells are activated due to the light pressure exerted by the device, thus, lengthening the penis in the process.

How It Compares With Other Penis Enlargers

The traction approach has been successful in gradually increasing penis size and girth – one that can’t be duplicated by other unsafe and expensive methods like the following:

1. Supplements, pills, creams and ointments. These products promise penis enlargement but don’t deliver the expected results. Numerous allergic reactions like hives, rashes, swelling, itchy skin and wheezing have been reported. Most are life-threatening. Kidney and liver damage are also possible complications that aren’t worth the risks.

2. Surgeries offer a quick fix that is too risky and often drains the bank account. Penis enlargement surgical procedures often leave patients with reduced sensitivity, nerve damage and infections. Some have difficulty in getting an erection. Scarring can also occur, making the penis shorter in length than it used to be. Understandably, these are not the kinds of options that most people would like to consider.

Unlike pills and surgeries, many doctors in the US and Denmark have endorsed the SizeGenetics penis extending device as safe and easy to use. It is more affordable and effective; leaving no untoward side effects.

It easily customizes to fit the size, girth and weight of the user; offering an advanced comfort system that is superior among its competitors. The manufacturers have teamed up with 3M, a global health care leader to further enhance their product’s efficacy. The innovative technologies have made SizeGenetics safer while providing lasting results in enlarging and lengthening the penis by inches.