Do Penis Stretchers Actually Work?

Advertisements on penis enlargement procedures are almost everywhere. A glut of surgeries, exercises, weights, pills and pumps are claimed by experts as effective in increasing the width and size of a penis. But there’s limited scientific support for these methods and, as matter of fact, no reputable medical organization have been endorsing any male enhancement yet.

Therefore, majority of the procedures advertised are deemed ineffective. What’s worse is that some of them can cause damages to your penis so seeking medical supervision is a must!

Many doctors confirmed that penile stretchers increas the penis’ flaccid length by over 1 ½ inches. According to the British Journal of Urology, the stretcher lasts for six months and does not only helps increase penis size but also improves erectile function.

Long-term effects

Many men have always desired having a larger penis. However, there are times that they get too anxious about pleasuring their partners because of having a small penis size. This often results to Penile Dsymorphophobia. The feeling of anxiety (or inadequacy) to improve sexual improvement has led several males to consider undergoing artificial treatments like penile traction. The latter is very perilous and it goes with massive displeasure rates. Because of this, many urologists do not recommend this kind of treatment.

The penis stretcher appears to be a handy device that you can wear along your penis. With the purpose of helping you provide a continuous widening force, the stretcher is adjusted to occupy the growing penis size and apply various traction levels (if necessary). Penis stretchers are usually worn 8 – 9 hours per day.

Do Penis Stretchers Work Even During Workplace Hours?

To achieve best results, the stretcher should be worn at least eight hours a day. However, it is not always probable for men to wear it when they’re busy at work. Furthermore, they can wear the stretcher for around 3 – 6 hours a day.

How Big Can You Get With Penis Stretcher?

Most penis stretchers guarantee 35% increase in penis size within six months. Experts suggest choosing a stretcher with good quality. Additionally, you can make your penis bigger by applying enough amount of pressure into its shaft with the stretcher. Make sure that this pressure will not cause any damage of pain.

Are Penis Stretchers 100% Safe To Use?

If the stretcher you bought has a comfort strap, this will likely cause pain when you wear it. So make sure that the straps are not too tight. If necessary, extend the stretcher’s rods out to give your penis a feeling of minor uneasiness.

Don’t use the stretcher for more than ten hours per day. If you get used to this however, you can wear your stretcher for at least six hours. Just take a two-hour break in between regular use.

Final Advice

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