Biggest Penis Pump Drawbacks

Penis pumps are known for being effective in improving penis size and appearance. Using this device guarantees speedy results in enlarging the penis. This is the reason why it is the most preferred device used by men.

The way it works is quite simple. Penis pumps make use of suction and vacuum in order to increase blood flow into the penis. Circulation of blood into the penis enables erection, which leads to an increase in the penis’ length and girth overtime.

Although penis pumps are highly regarded devices for penis enlargement, constantly using them can lead to a few disadvantages. Here are some of the biggest drawbacks of using penis pumps.
Temporary Penis Enlargement

The use of penis pumps guarantees a substantial increase in penis length in just about 15 minutes. This result seems too good to be true.

Indeed, penis pumps can give you that extra dimension you want, in as fast as 15 minutes. However, there is a tendency that these results will only be temporary. You must use the penis pump continually to get the results you want every time.

Effect on Penis Appearance

Penis pumps can make your manhood bigger. But, the results may not always be pretty. Too much vacuum on the penis can lead to some irregularities that would affect the penis’ appearance.
As the penis is elongated by the pump, there might be a slight decrease in girth. This is why most penis pumps promise an increase in length but not in penis circumference.

In some cases, the side effect of using penis pumps includes red spots or bruises found in the penis. These spots and bruises are caused by the bleeding in the surface. Penis pumps make the penis more prone to bleeding. Too much pressure for suction of blood can result to bursting of blood vessels.

Friction because of the pump can cause swelling and blisters. Of course, it is quite obvious that having these on your penis will not feel good. Others also experience soreness and extreme pain in the penis.
Lastly, too much use of the penis pump can eventually deform the penis. No one wants an unnaturally curved penis and that can happen if the penis pump is subjected to the pressure of penis pumps excessively.

Effect on Sexual Performance

It is a known fact that having a larger penis is a confidence booster for men. Unfortunately, abusive and improper use of a penis pump may highly affect a man’s sexual performance – in a bad way.
The quality of the erection is diminished. Users of penis pumps have difficulty in initiating an erection. There are reported cases wherein avid penis pump users confess that their erection is highly dependent on the device. Thus, it is harder to ‘become hard’ once you are already relying on penis pump.

In addition to this, the erection brought about by the use of a penis pump feels unnatural and uncomfortable. It is less firm as compared to a natural erection.
It also might be a bit painful during ejaculation. There instances when there is an uncomfortable sensation of trapped semen in the penis. With all these effects said, men who use penis pumps have difficulty in performing sexually. This will only lead to weaker orgasms and less satisfaction during sex.


Penis pumps have many drawbacks and don’t provie with the results you might expect. From experience, penis stretchers like Sizegenetics is the best option.