Are Penis Enlargement Oils A Scam?

If you have typed “penis enlargement” on Google, perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s one of the site’s most popular searches. You’ll see five million search results – nearly 40% of them are about penis enlargement oils.

Do they work? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Use Sizegenetics penis stretcher instead!

According to Thomas Walsh, head director of the Men’s Health Center of University of Washington, oils aren’t considered a one-shot way of increasing the size of a penis. “As a matter of fact, there’s never been a pill, cream or any of the same nature that has been proven to benefit one’s phallus strength or size”, Walsh adds.

While some experts claim that penis enlargement oils contains a blend of spices and aphrodisiac herbs which increases blood circulation, the Food & Drug Authority haven’t regulated these products yet. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that manufacturers can dodge the aforementioned ingredients in their packaging.

In the end, the beneficial impact of penis enlargement oils still depends on the manufacturer’s reputation and users.

Penis Extenders: A Good Alternative to Oils

Penis extenders generally comprise penis traction and enlargement devices and are available in various designs. However, they aren’t always considered “stand-alone” products as they are often used in bone-related surgeries. In addition, extenders are used as post-operative treatment for penile surgery. They help keep the scar tissues from forming. When they are used without the help of any surgical procedure, the enlargement results becomes much better.

How to Use a Penis Extender

Choosing penis extenders over enlargement oils is a wise idea, and so is using them properly. Here are five ways on how to use it:

Put the extender at the end part of your penis. Adjust its braces for easier stretching.

Modify the extender’s traction level from time to time. Traction level can either increase or decrease the tension from your penis.

Place the plastic ring along the base of your penis.

Use a comfort pad when pulling down the extender’s loop. Be very careful in doing this because it involves securing the penis’ head.

Make sure your penis is dry and “semi-erect” before using the extender.

Safety Tips to Consider

Here are safety tips you should always keep in mind when using a penis extender. Applying these tips will help you reduce accidents or injuries in your genitals.
Wear loose pants after placing the extender on your penis.
Take a day off from wearing your extender (the average is two days per week).
Do not wear the extender while sleeping. When the device is entangled with a blanket, this will likely cause injury in your penis. Penis extenders are safer to use during daytime.
Do not wear the extender for more than five hours (from the beginning). If you’re getting used to this, have a two-hour break in between use.
Choose a strap that is comfortable for you. Make sure it will not cause any pain to your penis when you start wearing the extender.
Apply any vitamin E oil to your penis before and after wearing the extender. Massage thoroughly and let it dry for a few minutes.