Do penis stretching exercises work?

If you believe that your penis is too small and you are not pleased at all with your favorite body part, then you might have at least thought of doing penis enlargement exercises and use gadgets to make your manhood larger. However, how many of them actually work?

Before You Think of Shortcuts

If you are thinking that you may have a better shot of gaining a larger manhood through surgery, stop right there. Apart from costing a lot of money, surgical methods are highly dangerous. According to research, surgical penis enlargement procedures have an absurdly high likelihood of complication without any guarantee that they will work. The same does for penis enlargement pills – they are unregulated, and may pose serious health hazards.

Are Penis Exercises Better Solutions?

If you search Google for son-surgical penis enhancement exercises (or use similar keywords), you would be surprised that there are more than 4 million results that promise to give solutions for undesirable penis size. If your attention was held by penis exercises, along with several products in the market that are used for a penis workout, you may think that you have found the better solution.

Vacuum pumps, penis stretchers, and jelqing techniques are among the most popular choices of men when it comes to coming up with a solution for their manhood problems. There are even sites that tell that the techniques and gadgets that they advertise are even used in the porn industry with guaranteed results. However, there is no proof that these exercises and gadgets work. If they do, the results are short term – that means that there is that huge possibility that your penis would simply just revert to its original size before you even get to use it while in bed.

Defying the Bandwagon

Take the time to examine the effects of stretching exercises and gadgets before you actually subscribe to using them:

1. Jelqing – it is a procedure that uses pulling techniques on the penis, allegedly to increase blood capacity while the penis is erect, making it appear longer and larger in girth. However, there is no evidence that jelqing actually increases penis size – it is the swelling of the penis after the exercise that creates the illusion.

2. Vacuum pumps – these devices are a favorite of those in the porn industry as it makes the penis look larger than life on camera. It works by drawing the blood into the penis in order to make it swell, and is sometimes used as a short-term treatment to erectile dysfunction. While they do yield temporary results, too much pumping can damage phallic tissues, which may ultimately result to weaker erections.

3. Extenders – these are devices that involve placing weights or using a frame to extend a flaccid penis. Recent studies show that it may work upon regular use for an extended amount of time. It is safe, given proper usage. Check out my review to find info about the most potent extender.

Before you think about using exercise techniques to extend your manhood, better consult your physician first to check if they are safe for you to perform them.