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Welcome to my blog. My name is Jordan. Finally I decided to create a personal blog where I will share my experiences using the SizeGenetics penis extender. Will try to keep this review not too long – just to the point.

If you have been looking for SizeGenetics reviews, I’m sure this blog the right website for you.

Is SizeGenetics really so effective as it has been advertised?

Before starting the review, I want to say what SizeGenetics is not! If you are looking for instant, temporary results which penis pump or pills can provide, then leave this blog. I got sick of all these penis pumps which just give temporary few hour results along with blisters and damaged capillary. If you are that kind of very short term penis pumping, well then… good luck. It was not for me. I wanted real reasonably long and thick penis that would satisfy my partner and give a boost to self-esteem.

How long for first results?

Although SizeGenetics can provide with results in matter of days, for final and long-term results you need to wait generally 3-4 weeks.

I decided to order SizeGenetics in January 2015. I was browsing men-themed forums and there was a discussion about different ways how to achieve bigger penis. There we many guys suggesting SizeGenetics – they said the results were GREAT, more than they expected. Since I had pretty small penis and didn’t feel to confident (let’s be honest, size matters) and I decided to give it a try.

I placed my order for Ultimate System which was the most expensive one but came with several important additions.

If you are thinking about buying SizeGenetics, I strongly recommend you to consider SizeGenetics Ultimate or at least Comfort Package. Why? Continue reading the review and you will learn from my unfortunate initial experience..

Initial experience, feedback

sizegenetics_ultimate_systemAfter receiving the SizeGenetics basic package (yeah, I made the wrong choice), I unwrapped it and immediately attached it. Well, the first experience wasn’t that great. It didn’t feel comfy and I didn’t like how the plastic was touching my penis.

Fortunately, I contacted the customer service and it reminded me about the stretching gel, traction powder and after-use cream. These all creams and powders really did wonders.

The traction powder made the penis “attach” to the device firmly. And the gel removed the friction between the penis and Sizegenetics device. The device was firmly attached to my penis and after a few minutes the penis was adapted I didn’t feel a thing. I wore the extender for a day and realized that it was on just when I went to bathroom.

So, if you considering buying SizeGenetics, choose Ultimate package since only it contains all the creams and gels you need. Money wise it doesn’t make much sense buying cheaper package since the have only the basics.

My SizeGenetics Results

I wore it for one month(skipped only a few days) and after measuring I couldn’t believe what I saw. My penis had been extended from 4.4” to 5.6” after using it only for a month. I literally could see how it grow little by little every week.

So, how does SizeGenetics work?

Well, it’s pretty simple, but as you know – simple things really work. SizeGenetics basically stretches your penis milimiter by milimiter each day. You just attach the device, stretch it a bit so the penis would be under a slight pressure. You leave it for day/night, take it down for some time so the penis tissue could have time to regenerate. As the penis is under small, but constant pressure, new tissue cells fill the microscopic space. As your repeat the process every day, the penis continues the growing process. Pretty simple, huh? Yes, and it WORKS! If you want to know all the details, remember that Sizegenetics Ultimate and Comfort packages comes with great manual called “58 way ultimate comfort system” which will teach how to use it step by step and other various tips for faster results and more comfort. You can learn more about the way Sizegenetics works by clicking HERE.

Money guarantee

If you are still not sure to buy SizeGenetics or not, I would say – give it a chance. It comes with 6 month money back guarantee so you don’t have anything to lose. One of my blog readers accidentally broke one part of device the manufacturer send the replacement for FREE along giving free advice how to make more length gains.

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